Washing Machine Problems and Smells?

Answer Tucked away in the laundry room, you probably never give your washing machine a thought until the week's dirty clothes are overflowing from your hamper. Not taking care of your machine can lead to ... Read More »

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My washing machine smells damp?

Run an empty hot cycle with a cup of bleach. Then run another hot cycle with a bottle of white vinegar. You can do this once a month or so. Your clothes will not smell of vinegar unless you add ... Read More »

My washing machine smells like mildew inside. How can I clean it?

I used to work for whirlpool and here is the answer we always gave. Fill your washer with HOT water, when the machine stops filling it will be below the "lip" in your washer. (the lip being BELOW t... Read More »

Washing machine smells like burning rubber and leaks water?

the motor is over heating and is likely to explode. don't use the washing machine until you get a new one

I have a washing machine that im having a few problems with and wondered if someone could help?

Call a repairman, it could be your water level sensor.