Wash your vacuum cleaner filter?

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Why does your vacuum cleaner bag stink even though it has an odor reducing tablet in the bag which was changed as well as the filter?

Central Vacuum Eliminates Odors Unfortunately, there is a smell because the vacuum motor actually absorbs the odors. This means that even when a new bag is used, and even when you use odor tablets,... Read More »

How do i wash carpets with a Vax 2000 vacuum cleaner?

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Can I wash my central vacuum HEPA filter?

A central vacuum HEPA filter can be washed after removing it from its casing. The filter can be washed using cold water without a cleanser. The filter should be rinsed and the water gently squeezed... Read More »

Is there a filter to replace in a hepa vacuum cleaner?

Hepa vasuum cleaners have a filter that removes particles from the air that is dicharged by the machine. This filter needs to be replaced unless it is washable.