Was wondering if anyone can tell me why my computer screen has gone all pink?

Answer It's caught a computer virus and turned gay.

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Everything on my computer screen is gone huge... anyone out there know why and/or how to fix it?

Right click on an empty space on the desktop.Click on Properties.Click on Settings.Increase the resolution.Click on Apply.See it thats the right one, if its not, adjust it again, if it is, click Ok.

Can anyone tell me the best way to clean an LCD computer monitor screen thanks?

If you go to PC World or a computer store they will sell you a product which is especially designed for cleaning screens. Don't attempt to do it with any other products as they may damage your scr... Read More »

Computer screen has gone all blue, ....!?

Try rebooting the computer.What was the last thing that you did with the computer before it happened?

My computer screen has gone upside down, how can i fix it?