Was wondering if anyone can tell me why my computer screen has gone all pink?

Answer It's caught a computer virus and turned gay.

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I have 2 monitors on my pc and I was wondering if i can have 2 different desktop images, 1 on each screen?

No. Its impossible without having a whole nother cpu system. But you can buy a special cable and can split the images so the desktop is split in two.

I only have a laptop computer. I was wondering can I go wireless and if so how?

Great - you have a wireless card built in, so that will save you some cost. What you need to do is get a wireless router as described in many of the other answers. You can pick them up just about... Read More »

I just got a scanner and im wondering how you scan a pic and put it on your computer?

Well, after you plug the scanner just open Image Capture , that app is on you Aplications Folder From there its quite easy.for more info go to…

Just wondering if this is practical for computer memory?

Steve, you are thinking that is very good...