Was this rude for the nurse to say?

Answer It was definitely uncalled for. She had no reason to say such a thing other than to insult your boyfriend.Anyway.Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

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Is this a rude question?

It's honest but could be seen as rude, so I'd skirt around it. Alternative:Reply, "Oh! And when is Riley/Cameron/Peyton/Jordan/etc. due?" The pregnant woman will then reply with "She/he is due..... Read More »

Do you think this is rude?

Some people actually think that having 100 friends on facebook, means they are popular. No one can talk to that many people, it's impossible, much less have a meaningful friendship with those k... Read More »

Was this girl being rude to me on Facebook?

I've had something similar happen, someone who was a close friend we used to talk a lot every day then after she moved away she stopped answering.Yes it's a very rude antisocial thing to do to not ... Read More »

Why are there so many rude gits on this site?

True, very annoying. Plus I am sure that they report people for no reason as well.Yahoo, should check violations, if the content is below a certain level it should be instant dismisal from Answers.... Read More »