Was this call a scam?

Answer It could also be bill collectors or some one trying to sell you something

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Got a call from this number can someone tell me if it's a scam?

If you don't know who calls you and offers you something like that, it can be considered scam already. If you want to know who's the owner of this phone number, try to search it at reverse phone lo... Read More »

Is this telephone call a scam?

call the number from a phone booth, that way you'll satisfy your curiosity and still protect your own line

Microsoft scam anybody got this phone call before?

It's a scam Mocrosft warns about…The scam is two fold. First they install malware and spyware on your computer then blackmail you into paying them to remo... Read More »

How to Spot the Pay Per Call Telephone Scam?

It is important to recognize how a telephone scam, like the pay-per-call scam, works to protect yourself from being a victim. Many times, victims of this particular illegal activity do not realize ... Read More »