Was this a bad idea...?

Answer Still in the box, you should consider taking it BACK to the people that you bought it from. I resell brand new stuff all the time. A 17" Flat Panel Monitor still in the box is still worth $250. ... Read More »

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Is this a good idea or bad idea?

Yes, but don't add to much or your hair will be greasy

Is this a good idea to do this?

go ahead just dont leave any metal bits at the end because that could be dangerous, other wise do what you want

Is this a bad idea?

No, train hopping is much safer and much funner. Well, at least it's funner.

Any idea about this topic?

hi, the books thats good and easy to understand for above topics go for ,is book on control systems BHAKSHI , its used in engineering for electronis and electrical , for mumbai university and ab... Read More »