Was there any controversy in Sony Handy Cams .?

Answer Here's a history/timeline of the Sony Handycams -…Around the late 1990s, people discovered that the Sony Handycams had an unexpected x-ray ability when us... Read More »

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Sony HDV handy cam help?

in "file" based digital storage, to delete a sequence you just remove the file "name" from the directory, nothing is actually erased. SD cards and HDD are file based. Digital tape, like miniDV an... Read More »

Im planning to buy a handy cam.i wish for having a sony handycam.?

buy a hard disk handycam. harddisk can record from 15 hours to 38 hours depending on the size and type. i suggest you move to harddisk, because the handycam u mentioned, i think it uses 8 mm disc? ... Read More »

Which brands Handy cam should you buy Sony Cannon or Nikon?

Sony HRD-XR500V will be the best one you will get it in cheap

How do you get a Quarter of a dollar out of the lens hole in my Sony Handy-cam?

Try variations in temperature but do not put the camcorder in the oven or the microwave or your freezer. Whilst in your warm pocket, the metal in the coin probably expanded when it entered the camc... Read More »