Was the show Rugrats really designed to entertain pedophiles?

Answer Of course not. What reason would Nickelodeon have for designing a cartoon for pedophiles? Would it not make far more sense for a childrens network to design a show to entertain children? Who's the ... Read More »

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Could this be true about the Rugrats (Television show)?

Think about this... while YES some tv shows have some hidden messages (Rocko's Modern Life had a really creepy one- look it up on Youtube), Nickelodeon would NEVER allow the show to air if this was... Read More »

Which of these is not a character on the children's TV show Rugrats?

Are pedophiles good?

One View Pedophilia is a mental illness of unknown cause. Whether or not pedophiles are good people depends on their behavior. If they act out on their urges, than they are bad because they are hur... Read More »

How many years do pedophiles get?

This really depends on the frequency of what they did, and exactly what it was that they did. In a lot of cases, pedophiles do go to prison for 15+ years in the United States. I have not seen any c... Read More »