Was the show Rugrats really designed to entertain pedophiles?

Answer Of course not. What reason would Nickelodeon have for designing a cartoon for pedophiles? Would it not make far more sense for a childrens network to design a show to entertain children? Who's the ... Read More »

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Is that whole facebook cartoon default picture really run by pedophiles?

Hmmmm...this is such an interesting thing. Kids probably shouldn't be on Facebook/Myspace if they're not using it carefully. And where are the parents who should be monitoring their internet use?! ... Read More »

Which of these is not a character on the children's TV show Rugrats?

Could this be true about the Rugrats (Television show)?

Think about this... while YES some tv shows have some hidden messages (Rocko's Modern Life had a really creepy one- look it up on Youtube), Nickelodeon would NEVER allow the show to air if this was... Read More »

How to Entertain Girls at a Sleepover With a Really Fun Game?

Ever have a sleepover(girls)and your sitting there with your friends thinking your house is so boring and there's nothing to do well read this article about a game for your sleepover that's totally... Read More »