Was the last thing you baked in the oven a dessert (cookies, cake)?

Answer A beef and onion pie.

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What was the last thing you baked in the oven?

Pillsbury Orange frosted Cinnamon Rolls baked in my Pampered Chef round baking dish...they were delicious~Bonus q: Hot right out of the Oven ~ I would ;Palways,Ladyitch

What was the last cake YOU baked?

i have made sweets in 2 occasions recently. one was today. today is Ratha Yathra. and that is the appearance of Lord Jaganath. most bittersweet and auspicious. it was right on time too. as i ... Read More »

How many days will fresh baked cookies last in the fridge?

They will probably be good (and at their best) for maybe 3 or 4 days if kept wrapped up tightly or in an air-tight container.

When baking, what is the main thing that sets hard crunchy cookies apart from soft baked?

The fat content is a biggie in making the cookie crispy or chewy. Of course, if you keep anything in the oven too long it will be crunchy...because you are probably burning it. I personally like ... Read More »