Was the helium neon laser used in early CD players?

Answer According to the Laser Disc frequently asked questions, the helium neon laser was used in early models of the Laser Disc players. There is no evidence it was used in the early compact disk players.... Read More »

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Can DVD players play laser discs?

DVD players cannot play Laserdisc movies, as DVDs use a completely different format, according to DVD Demystified. Additionally, Laserdisc discs are much larger than the standard DVD disc and could... Read More »

Can helium be used with latex balloons?

Helium is routinely used in latex balloons to make them float. The length of time a helium balloon stays airborne depends on the size of the balloon. An 11-inch latex balloon floats for 18 to 24 ho... Read More »

Why is helium used in balloons instead of hydrogen?

Helium is a non-flammable gas that is lighter than air, causing balloons filled with it to rise. Hydrogen is even lighter than helium, however it burns very easily and is unsafe to use in balloons ... Read More »

Why was hydrogen used to power the Hindenburg instead of helium?

The German airship Hindenburg used flammable hydrogen rather than inert helium due to the United States' refusal to supply helium to Nazi Germany. At the time, the United States was the world's pri... Read More »