Was the child actor that played in Without a Trace the same child that played in Jaws?

Answer No. Jaws came out in 1975. The TV show Without a Trace premiered in 2002. So, the child actors from Jaws were not children anymore when Without a Trace premiered. All the child actors from Jaws had... Read More »

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As a child I played with hedge apples, do you know what they are?

Osage oranges. The farmers used to plant them to make a fence row. The trees have an orange cast to the bark. The fruit of the tree is supposed to be good to keep away spiders. They are also fu... Read More »

Who played the child Michael in the early Barney shows?

Who is the actor actor played Bruce Manly on Eureka?

It's Bruce Manlyus and he is played by Bill Campbell.

What is the name of the song played in the PBS commercial where Big Bird and ends with a woman announcer saying TV can be a child's window to the world What will they see?

That is "Wally Goes off to War" from the soundtrack of the 1999 movie "The Cider House Rules."