Was she referring to herself or me with this remark?

Answer She was being a ***** and was talking about u and tried to cover up but I would slap her and tell her to **** off and look in the mirror

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What's the funniest anti-veg remark you've ever heard?

Okay, I wasn't going to but I just have to play this one (even if I'm late to the party) because it still makes me laugh. I've posted it before (and it was found here in a question about vegan preg... Read More »

Is it appropriate for a female colleague to make a remark such as.....(read on)?

Tough one there . . . . obviously it is not harassment if he did not feel harassed in any way. What is harassment to one, is obviously not to someone else.Highly inapropriate to be sure, non-profes... Read More »

Sirius XM (SIRI)*what is the implication of Karmazin's "underlying platform improvement" remark>>new receivers?

The new platform Mel is speaking of is "Satellite Radio 2.0" and is expected to offer significantly more choices for the consumer and contain functionality that does not exist today's receivers!See... Read More »

What is CSS when referring to the US military?

CSS refers to Confederate States Ship as in the name CSS Shenadoah. CSS also refers to combat Service Support.