Was she referring to herself or me with this remark?

Answer She was being a ***** and was talking about u and tried to cover up but I would slap her and tell her to **** off and look in the mirror

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CBB! TINA! WTF! This woman should be in a frigging zoo, she is like a fecking monkey pruning herself! Agree?

She is such a fat useless slob.It's really off putting, you don't want to watch her doing her manly things when you are watching telly.EDIT - Lol, I meant ''non-lady like''.

When roosevelt spoke in this passage of the spreading of poisonous propaganda by those who seek to destroy unit to whom do you think he was referring to?

Why catherine treats herself with wormwood and mint?

My Mum Is Refusing To Inject Herself With Insulin, What Should I Do?

I see from your profile that you are in your mid teens. I know it must feel terrible but trying to force her to take action is probably not going to work.With high sugar levels she will feel really... Read More »