Was roy Stewart the perfect gentleman but his nephew couldn't see it?

Answer Roy marko mark

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Do you call your niece's husband your nephew or nephew-in-law?

Your niece's brother is your nephew, not her husband. The English language has no special term to for the husband of a niece. If you want to refer to him without using his name, the best you can d... Read More »

How to Be a Gentleman in a Gentleman's Club?

You're experiencing sensory overload, surrounded by half-naked women, alcohol, and your cheering friends -- but that's no excuse to act like a dolt.

Is there any possibility of you getting primary custody of your ex-husband's nephew if you've both had legal custody of the child since he was 2 days old and the nephew's mother is in prison?

Answer You will need a good lawyer for this and you will have to prove he's an unfit guardian or father. The courts favor leaving the child with their biological parents(s) if possible. If you're... Read More »

If I am an uncle to my nephew what is my son's relationship to my nephew's son?

Your son and your nephew are first cousins.Your son and your nephew's son are first cousins, once removed.