Was roy Stewart the perfect gentleman but his nephew couldn't see it?

Answer Roy marko mark

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What relationship name is my blood nephew to my husband's blood nephew?

The nephew of a wife and the nephew of her husband are not considered to be related to each other. However, both are nephews of the wife and the husband, and the wife and husband are aunt and uncle... Read More »

Is YOUR husbands nephew still YOUR nephew if YOU separate?

no no no u separated from that guy and his sadly even ur nephew or niece is no more ur family.

Do you call your niece's husband your nephew or nephew-in-law?

Your niece's brother is your nephew, not her husband. The English language has no special term to for the husband of a niece. If you want to refer to him without using his name, the best you can d... Read More »

Is your cousin's nephew your cousin or nephew or neither?

Your first cousin's sibling (parent of the nephew) is also your first cousin, so in that case the nephew is your first cousin, once removed. However, it's possible that the nephew is the son of on... Read More »