Is Blagojevich a Democrat or a Republican?

Answer Rod Blagojevich was the Democratic governor of Illinois. As a Democrat, he enacted a smoking ban in Illinois, supported a mortatorium on death row executions and signed strict ethics reforms. He wa... Read More »

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Is Tim Russert a Democrat or Republican?

Tim Russert worked at the beginning of his career as a Democratic political operative, however he strived later in his career to keep his political views private, saying, "My views are not importan... Read More »

Is Jay Leno a Republican or Democrat?

No he's not. He's never voted Republican.

Is AARP Democrat or Republican?

According to AARP's website, AARP is a nonpartisan organization, which means that it does not endorse either the Democratic or the Republican Party. Founded in 1958, AARP is one of the largest lobb... Read More »

Is Kwame M. Kilpatrick a Democrat or a Republican?

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick, removed from office after a sex scandal involving his secretary, was a Democrat while serving. At age 31, he was the youngest elected mayor in Detroit hist... Read More »