Was my leg dislocated?

Answer See a doctor ASAP.You may have a fracture, or perhaps the dislocation tore a tendon, ligament or muscle. No way of knowing until you get checked out. This is how I broke my ankle--it dislocated a... Read More »

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I dislocated my toe !!!?

How to Fix a Dislocated Shoulder?

A joint dislocation can be one of the most painful injuries if not reset in a timely manner. Shoulder dislocations will stretch the shoulder, upper arm, and torso muscles, causing intense pain. Due... Read More »

How to heal dislocated rib?

I get cortisone injections and use a rib beltThe best thing to do is to have an evaluation by a primary care provider, like a medical doctor or a chiropractor to make sure there nothing more seriou... Read More »