Was my friends drink spiked?

Answer Four large glasses of wine.combined with an empty stomach is why your friend was falling over.What do you mean by a large glass? A large glass is now 250ml. 4 glasses is a litre of wine.Your friend... Read More »

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Do you think I had a drink that was spiked?

No, that's just alcohol, trust me.If that's the only embarrasing thing you do in the next year I'll eat my hat.You give it a lot of prominance because its you and forget or excuse the equivalent be... Read More »

Do you think my drink was spiked?

It may have. How can we know for sure. This sounds identical in nature to those that blackout. Alcohol DOES affect the body. Just because you aren't falling down stupid drunk or even totally buzzed... Read More »

Was my drink spiked?

It Sounds Like It To Me. I'm Sorry To Saydid you leave your drink un-attended at all?was anyone buying drinks for you?was anyone watching you?if you answer Yes to any of these questions above then ... Read More »

How can you tell if someone is really drunk or if their drink was spiked?

Just watch her carefully to keep the airway open, Make sure breathing remains normal. In case Of complications TAKE HER TO THE DOCTOR.