Was my Facebook hacked?

Answer yes, it was hacked. What are we going to do about it?

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My facebook got hacked i deactivated it can it still be hacked?

As a security procedure, you can 1st change the password of your Facebook account and then Deactivate it :)

I think my facebook id has been hacked?

Since The hacker removed you From your page you Dont Have Any Control over it Anymore your Only Option is to Report the Page As Stolen to Facebook

My Facebook has been hacked! :'(?

You need to run a full system scan of Norton Anti Virus (is the best) and let the police know. I really recommend Norton as over the last two months someone has tried to get into my system and Nort... Read More »

How to Tell if Your Facebook Has Been Hacked?

The Facebook social networking site encourages you to share personal and professional information with your network of online friends. While you can control which pieces of information you share wi... Read More »