Was my Bandaid on to tight?

Answer Yeah it will so dont panic. It may have been a little tight but once your skins dried the colour should come back. Provided you still have sensation beyond the white part then you have nothing to w... Read More »

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How do you say "bandaid" in the uk?

It's not Elastoplast at all. The correct word is just 'plaster'. Elastoplast is just a BRAND NAME for a plaster.That's like saying the English word for 'cereal' is Kelloggs!

How to Make a Bandaid?

Have you ever had a cut but didn't have any bandages? Well now you'll never be left without proper first aid care!

Should i put a bandaid on my blister?

Yes because it will help the blister not get rubbed as much

Whats the easiest way to get a bandaid off?

take it off while the part its on is under water!!!bath time is the best time!