Was Mister Rogers a sniper?

Answer No, Fred Rogers never served in the military. He went directly from high school to college in 1946 and did not serve in Korea. He got a bachelors degree in music composition in 1951 and subsequentl... Read More »

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Should i become a marine scout sniper or army sniper or navy sniper?

Well, first, you should ensure you can make it. You won't enlist into the Army or the Navy as a sniper - in the Army, you'd have to enlist as either an infantryman or Cavalry Scout, then request an... Read More »

Did Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood live on Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket?

He lived on Nantucket. He son still uses the home in the summers.

What is a fair value for this product, wm rogers flatwaer wm rogers sterling silver flatwear?

Thank you, Jay. Ok, you've got a set of silverplate, not sterling. Big difference in value between the two. The value of your set is probably going to be somewhere in the $100 to $250 range; tha... Read More »

What was Mr Rogers occupation on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood?

I wonder that too my little bro loves that show! I feel so bad for him! :(