Was king James a black man?

Answer yes

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Who wrote the king james bible?

In January 1604, at the Hampton Court Conference, King James I of England authorized an English translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek texts. Fifty-four of the best linguists and biblical s... Read More »

When was the King James Bible written?

The King James Bible was first printed in 1611. According to Bible Gateway, King James I of England first authorized the new Biblical translation in 1604, and the work was finished in 1611. The con... Read More »

Who publishes the new King James Bible?

The New King James Bible is published by the Thomas Nelson publishing company. The company began in 1798 when Thomas Nelson started selling bibles in the city square of Edinburgh, Scotland.Referenc... Read More »

How to Cite the King James Bible in APA?

As a potential source of moral and spiritual guidance, the Bible is a controversial yet important part of human thought. One of the most widely-read variants is the King James Version (KJV), first ... Read More »