Was it wrong that i took away my friends blade that she was cutting herself with?

Answer It wasn't wrong, it just shows that you do actually care. However, she will find something else to cut with, regardless of whether she is just doing it for attention, which many cases of cutting is... Read More »

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How Do I Put a Cutting Blade on a Dremel?

A Dremel is a small, hand-held rotary power tool used by home repair enthusiasts and hobbyists. The disc-style cutting blade is the primary feature of a Dremel because it allows the user to cut a w... Read More »

What Blade to Use When Cutting Metal Studs?

Builders sometimes use metal studs in place of wood studs in building construction. The metal studs are fireproof and will not deteriorate or serve as a home for mold. Disadvantages include more di... Read More »

Which type of blade is best for cutting tile?

On One Hand: You Need A Diamond Encrusted BladeAccording to, diamond encrusted blades will last the longest and cut tile the best. There are three qualities within diamond blade... Read More »

How do I sharpen a Fiskars quilt cutting blade?

Sharpening a Quilting BladePurchase a quilting blade sharpening kit such as the Orbital Rotary Cutter Sharpener, Tri-Sharp Rotary Blade Sharpener or Quilter's Cutting Edge Rotary Cutter Blade Sharp... Read More »