Was it wrong of me to teach my child the wrong numbers, colors, and letters?

Answer Honestly Court, you did most of us parents with really stupid kids a favor. Now all of our special ed kids seem really smart compared to your idiot kid. I am definitely nominating you for Parent of... Read More »

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Why are the letters on a keyboard in the wrong order?

because it was used to slow down people when typewriters were still around so the fingers wouldnt jam.

How to Teach Children Their Numbers, Shapes and Letters by Making it a Game?

This is a article to help preschool children and children that have difficulty in leaning these different thing's.By making it a game they will want to do this because it is fun for them to do. Chi... Read More »

My printer is printing wrong colors?

The cartridge may be half full, of blue and yellow only. You are out of magenta ink. You will need to replace the cartridge to continue printing the proper colors.A tri color cartridge doesnot us... Read More »

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