Was it sleep walking whats happening?

Answer shes probs having hallucinations, does she have a high temperature and seem feverish. thats normally the problem!

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I've been sleep walking and sleep talking recently to my mum but when i wake up i dont remember anything?

I used to sleep talk and walk alot, and when my family tell me what I talked about, I can remeber what I was dreeming about. You talk during a dream so it would be related to that. But people more ... Read More »

Whats happening to me?

Well first of all how old are you? Did you experience your first period yet? It could be your menstrual flow, and when we get our periods hormones go crazy which can cause mood swings and many othe... Read More »

Sleep paralysis happening often?

This is a phenomenon that most people have experienced and usually outgrow. But it comes back once in a while throughout your life. I'm 72 and I had a nightmare the other night and ended up falling... Read More »

Whats happening to youtube?

i dont think so.its a rumor.i'll die if it ends!oh.......i'll commit a suiside!LOLkidding!but i'll get depressed for ever!