Was it sexual harrasment or was I molested?

Answer If he actually touched you, you were molested. I would also say you were sexually harassed too because of what he told the other guys. I think it's both.

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How to stop anomymous internet harrasment?

Just block them all individually. Otherwise, just deal with it until they stop, and stop responding to what they do...they'll eventually get bored since you aren't reacting back to them.

What is it like for a boy to get molested?

Answer I have worked with children and young adults who have been molested, mostly counseling them, getting them professional help and being their mentor. It is probably THE most damaging thing don... Read More »

What do you do if your dad molested you?

Answer Call the police. Then call a lawyer.

What do you do if your child is molested?

Call the police right away and have the person arrested,and once they are convicted by the court then Contact an attorney and file a civil lawsuit of several hundred thousand dollars against them f... Read More »