Was i wrong Do I have no manmers in this situation?

Answer kinda rude. i wouldn't have waited forever but i wouldn't have bum rushed the door either

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Who is wrong in this situation?

Well, I suggest next time you feel like ending your life, you not ring up Lifeline and inform them of you intent......see how simple that is!You know what you must do if you want to either live or ... Read More »

Uni fees will be free unless you earn £21,000pa, what is wrong with this in the current economic situation?

As good as it sounds, free university education is dead and buried really and so fees have to be paid. Nothing wrong with setting the lower limit before you start paying it back at £21k, if you ch... Read More »

How to Cope With Feelings of Love for the Wrong Person at the Wrong Time?

Was it wrong of me to teach my child the wrong numbers, colors, and letters?

Honestly Court, you did most of us parents with really stupid kids a favor. Now all of our special ed kids seem really smart compared to your idiot kid. I am definitely nominating you for Parent of... Read More »