Was gold ever found in the UK?

Answer Well, it is very rare to find gold in the UK. But the way we get gold jewellery is from transport. Planes boats and trains go to different countries, buy their gold and bring it all to the UK, and ... Read More »

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Aussies,will you be joining The Gold Rush to Kalgoorlie WA after 27kg gold nugget found?

No. I'll give it a miss.I tried prospecting with a new fangled White metal detector butdidn't have the patience to stick with it.But I did end up with $500.00 worth of small gold nuggets.I traded a... Read More »

Where is quartz gold found?

Gold quartz is largely mined from two places: the Sixteenth One Mine in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California and the Gympie Eldorado mine in Queensland, Australia. Generally speaking,... Read More »

In What Rock Formations Can Gold Be Found?

Gold is typically found in areas where volcanic activity was present. Igneous rock (from cooled magma) can have gold veins. Common rocks formations that carry gold include Andestite-Basalt, Diorite... Read More »

Can gold be found in clear quartz?

You can find veins of gold in clear quartz, but it is not something that occurs very often. If you believe you may have a piece of clear quartz with veins of gold inside, have it appraised, as it m... Read More »