Was anything smoked before tobacco?

Answer in recent digs in the caribbean scientists discovered bongs and bowls that date back to the stone age (or what we can now refer to as the stoned age lol). this is just another thing that proves(as ... Read More »

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I'm so stupid. I smoked hookah (tobacco) once two months ago. Will that give me cancer if I never do it again?

what's stupid is everyone on God's green earth has said no, but you keep asking the same question over and over again like a broken record.... YOUR FINE... MOVE ON!

Never smoked before, but I have a sudden urge to try it?

This will be the biggest regret in your whole life, if you start smoking. It's addictive and there is no reason for you to try it at all. Ask any adult smoker if they wish they'd never started sm... Read More »

I smoked hookah once. Is there a chance that one time smoking really harmed me Like cancer or anything.?

How long can a smoked pork roast stay out of the fridge before going bad?

Bacteria can form on food left out after an hour. It is best to refrigerate cooked food as soon as possible to prevent this.