Why is pip's convict fighting with the 2nd convict at the time of their capture?

Answer because he doesn't like him and the second convict was like a dude that made him go to prison for a long time and was mean to him

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Where and how does Pip first encounter a convict Why does Pip help him?

Pip first encounters the convict when he is visiting the churchyard at his parents grave. The convict had escaped from the prison ship and needed food. He saw pip and threatened to cut his heart an... Read More »

Where does pip first encounter the convict?

Pip first encounters the escaped convict, Magwitch, hiding in the graveyard where Pip's parents are buried.

When was DNA first used to convict criminals?

The first time DNA was used in a courtroom to convict a criminal was in 1987. It was used to prove that a Florida teenager was guilty of sexual battery.Source:More About DNA and Criminal Cases

How to Breed Convict Cichlids?

If you want to breed a fish besides livebearers, then convicts are the fish for you. Unlike livebearers, they will take care of their young and the young stay with the parents in a group. This is v... Read More »