How to Ask a Guy to the Sadie Hawkins Dance?

Answer This is the most-feared dance of all high school girls!! Why?? Because you have to actually ASK THE GUY!!! AND wear matching shirts!!! OH NO!!! Don't panic, girls; these tips will help you survive ... Read More »

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Will Stephen Hawkins die before a person the same age as him with no disease?

What is the meaning of the name Sadie?

The female name Sadie is a diminutive pet form of Sarah and Mercedes. Sarah is a Hebrew name meaning "lady" or "princess." Mercedes derives from the Spanish word for "mercy," and as a forename has ... Read More »

Is 'Cleverbot' a real bot, or a person?

The technology behind Cleverbot works on a different principle to that of other artificial intelligence software being developed. The system is designed to learn language and context through intera... Read More »

Is barney a real person?

The person wearing the Barney suit is a real person. Barney himself is a fictional character.