How to Style Your Hair Like Matt Damon's?

Answer Matt Damon is one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors, like modern heartthrobs like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Damon's simple and structured hairstyle makes his signature look a favorite o... Read More »

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Is that Matt Damon in the iPhone 4 advert?

The apparent Matt Damon lookalike is an actor called Ryan Lane, and he is in fact deaf. He has played numerous roles of deaf characters including a character Seth from the House episode "House Divi... Read More »

Eurotrip - Switzerland and Germany for South Africans?

Not sure where you got your information from but South Africans do need a visa to visit SwitzerlandI join the official site of the Swiss government how to obtain a Schengen visa

Why does Matt Dallas women friends seem not to respect his body or him Matt deserves respect.?

The Ha'tak goa'uld mothership can travel 10 light-years per year with the hyperdrive. This is approximately 0.001 light-years per hour. The Prometheus (it is a BC-303 model) can travel 32 light-ye... Read More »

Can you tell me who damon fizzy is?

WOW that person was mean. You'r supposed to be able to go on yahoo answers and ask questions and get answers not someone yelling at you for not knowing. If you're talking about the damon im thinkin... Read More »