Was Jesus an alcoholic?

Answer It's impossible to become an alcoholic on Manischevitz.

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Should a family of an alcoholic include alcohol at a party given for the alcoholic?

I wouldn't want to because it sends a message to the alcoholic whether he/she is still drinking or not that drinking is okay which would make the effort to stop that much harder.Perhaps showing him... Read More »

Whats a good drink (alcoholic and non alcoholic) for mexican food?

Since the Mexican food is generally hot, both in the sense of temperature, and usually due to the salsa, a cold drink of any kind is good. Beer is good if you want alcoholic drink, and water, iced... Read More »

Which is your most favorite alcoholic and non alcoholic drink ?

alcoholic-caribou lounon alcoholic-iced coffee from starbucks

Is my dad an alcoholic?

Yes he definitely is even if there's no violence. If he drinks it constantly and is always drink then yes yes yes. Sorry.You should have a family intervention. Get a therapist/psychiatrist to help ... Read More »