Is 'Cleverbot' a real bot, or a person?

Answer The technology behind Cleverbot works on a different principle to that of other artificial intelligence software being developed. The system is designed to learn language and context through intera... Read More »

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Is barney a real person?

The person wearing the Barney suit is a real person. Barney himself is a fictional character.

How to Create a "Fake Real Person"?

Have you ever wanted to become someone else for a day? Maybe a week? Well this guide will tell you how to create the most realistic fake person ever. This person can be used as an imaginary friend,... Read More »

Was Robinson Crusoe a real person?

No; Robinson Crusoe is a fictitious character.

Was Jane Eyre a real person?

Since this character carries my surname, I have been highly interested in the history of this book. It is my conclusion, and the conclusion of others, that Jane Eyre is not a real person of whom Ch... Read More »