Warped Brake Rotor Symptoms?

Answer Brake rotors are an important part of a vehicle's braking system that, when warped or malfunctioning, can seriously reduce the efficiency of the braking system. Warped brake rotors typically cause ... Read More »

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How to Repair a Warped Brake Rotor?

A warped brake rotor on your vehicle is a nuisance and a danger, especially if it's cracked. Though it's referred to as a warped rotor, most often it's a rotor that has worn unevenly with a varying... Read More »

How to Determine Which Rotor Is Warped?

Keeping your vehicle's brakes in good shape helps ensure that you will be able to stop when you need to. In some vehicles, the rotors may become warped due to heat or improper installation of tires... Read More »

Squeaking Noises From a Warped Rotor?

The noises and sensations created by a warped brake rotor can be unsettling. While some noises are the normal result of disc brake operation, other noises may indicate considerable problems. Vehicl... Read More »

What Causes Warped Brake Discs?

Brake discs (also called rotors) are those all important parts of the brake system that are squeezed by the brake caliper and brake pads when the brake pedal is pressed, which, in turn, slows the v... Read More »