Warnings When Using a Neti Pot?

Answer Neti pots are small pot-like containers used to rinse the naval cavity to treat colds, sinus problems and irritations from nasal allergies, according to James T. Li, M.D. at The spo... Read More »

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What are the benefits of using a neti pot?

A neti pot is a small ceramic or plastic pot with a spout for rinsing the nasal passages. Users fill the pot with warm water and a teaspoon of salt, and then irrigate the sinuses, with the goal of ... Read More »

Does using a neti pot help with tonsillitis?

On One Hand: Neti Pots Cleanse the SinusesA neti pot is a short teapot-like device filled with lukewarm saline solution used to flush excess mucus from sinus cavities and relieve sinusitis, accordi... Read More »

Will I See Mucus When I Use the Neti Pot?

Neti pots are small pots that look like tea pots but are used to wash out the sinuses. With the neti pot, saline water is poured into one nostril and comes out the other nostril. You may see mucus ... Read More »

How Often Should You Use a Neti Pot When Sick?

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