Warning-actual health question: Now, what in the WORLD could this be?

Answer Ovulation or mittelschmertz, or "middle pain", which occurs for unknown reasons about mid-cycle.

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A question for my female contacts ONLY! Guys...DO NOT click on this question!! WARNING!! WARNING!!?

Damn you! I thought this was going to be a sexy female problem question where half of the ladies answered with some form of "Occulty"

What could cause a vagina to have a rusty taste Could this be a sign of a serious health problem?

Tastes sort of like a mouth full of pennies? Are we dating the same chick?

WARNING:This is a serious survey question- Have you got a facebook account?

If there is a health professional on this site, would you/they answer this question?

I am not a professional but have studied nutrition for some 25 years .. taking over 30 course as well as courses , lectures etc on herbs and healing .. More then I can go into here .. I have also ... Read More »