Warning!!!!!!!!! Anyone else click on these links?

Answer Yes, it actually leads you to antivirus application called Antivirus 2009 which it's a virus. You can report him to Yahoo Answers

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A question for my female contacts ONLY! Guys...DO NOT click on this question!! WARNING!! WARNING!!?

Damn you! I thought this was going to be a sexy female problem question where half of the ladies answered with some form of "Occulty"

Does anyone else get these annoying calls?

if you have the time, you can play with these people. They get paid for making a sale... no sale, no pay, the longer you keep them on the phone, the less they make. They will soon catch on not to c... Read More »

Has anyone else been getting these messages?

I haven't and it doesn't sound very professional. I would think Yahoo would word that different. Doesn't make sense. Check out the email address it's coming from.

Can you put head phones on these radios so it does not disturb anyone else?

the large size is called a 1/4 inch phono plug and the smaller size (like ipods use) is a 3.5mm called a mini-phono and then there is a tiny one usually only for cell phones: a 2.5mm sub-mini.