Warm Season Grass Seed Mixes?

Answer There are plenty of reasons for developing strong, healthy grass in your lawn. Solid grass cover helps prevent erosion, absorbs rainfall and contains runoff water, helps purify water that seeps int... Read More »

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How warm must it be to plant lawn grass seed?

On One Hand: Spring temperatures, in the 60s or 70sSpring weather is ideal for planting grass seed because you can get the seed into the ground when it is beginning to thaw and the last freezes of ... Read More »

Does hard red spring wheat grass grow in cool or warm season?

Hard red spring wheat is a cool season crop, and early planting is important, so it's not surprising it's best adapted for Alaskan agriculture. A North Dakota State University publication reports t... Read More »

How warm should it be to grow grass?

Grasses are categorized into two general categories. Cool season grasses will begin to grow in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit but will reduce growth when temperatures near 85 degrees ... Read More »

Where does the best Grass Seed come from?

Hi John - I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and we grow grass seed here...lots of it, for the entire US in fact. I don't know varietals except Red Fescue. That is probably the one you nee... Read More »