Warm Color Theory?

Answer Color theory is the study and practice of color categorization, effect and application. It is based in the color wheel. "Warm colors" denote heat, fire and sun. They include reds, oranges, yellows ... Read More »

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What is the three color theory?

The Young-Helmholtz theory, commonly called the three color theory, states that there are three different types of retinal receptors. The receptors are able to combine three colors through individu... Read More »

Color Wheel Theory?

Color theory applies to both the physical and psychological properties of color. They can change the way you feel. So use them to draw attention, set a mood, or make a statement.Reds can raise your... Read More »

Gray Color Theory?

Gray is considered a neutral, balanced, cool color. Its meanings range from gray matter (brains) to a gray day (overcast). But gray is incorporated as part of a holistic theory only in the practice... Read More »

Definition of Color Theory?

Generally, when two or more colors are mixed with each other, a distinct intermediate color is formed which is the combination of colors mixed in their formation. In this regard, a careful study of... Read More »