Ware can you buy a reborn baby that can breath move cry suck a pacifier?

Answer I don't know about the crying and moving but at there are beautiful dolls there!! I'm trying to get my mom to let me get one! It costs extra but you can ask for a heartbeat,... Read More »

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Should I Allow My Baby to Use a Pacifier?

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Who invented the baby pacifier?

It is likely that some form of the baby pacifier has been in existence since the invention of the baby bottle, which made its first mark in history after the Etruscan people invented it around 2000... Read More »

Where was the first baby pacifier made?

How do I wean a baby from a pacifier?

Bring your child to the toy store and let him trade his pacifier for something else.Replace the bedtime pacifier with a special blanket or stuffed animal. Comfort your baby with plenty of hugs and ... Read More »