Wants to buy cartridges for my electronic cigarette?

Answer Quality never comes with cheap price. I think you should get a cartridge that work longer. I think you should try direct manufacturers of electronic cigs and its various products from http://www.ab... Read More »

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Do u know where to buy electronic cigarette in the USA?

Lol at that other guy. Umm some chinese wholesale place did not answer the question. :)Anyway back to the question Do u know where to buy electronic cigarette in the USA?Yeah I can think of a coupl... Read More »

How safe is the electronic cigarette?

On One Hand: No Toxic ChemicalsElectronic cigarettes only give the user nicotine vapor and do not come with the harmful and often carcinogenic compounds found in a normal cigarette, according to CB... Read More »

What's is the best electronic cigarette company?

When I wanted to quit smoking I tried blue cigs. They worked great and taste the most like real cigarettes.…

How hot does the atomizer of an electronic cigarette get?

The characteristics, including temperature, of E-Cigarettes vary due to differences in design and battery type. The temperature of an E-Cigarette reaches approximately 188-250 degrees Fahrenheit, j... Read More »