Want to study in Australia but finance problem?

Answer G'day,The 2 answerers above really sounds fishy. Please DO NOT give your personal details to them AT ALL thru the internet, unless you trust the person very well. If you do, and it turns out that... Read More »

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I want to migrate to Australia,My friend wants to sponsor me.I want to know which kind of documents do i need?

Nobody can sponsor you.Friends can't sponsor anyone. Employers can only sponsor people who have qualifications and experience in skilled occupations that are listed as being in need of workers. Eve... Read More »

How can i get a scholarship for study in Australia or UK in film direction course? -------> International Students on the web Great search engine and information site for everything Dept. of Education for any questions

Got accepted into Australia to study, should I come or not?

Sorry if I'm wrong, but I have a hard time believing the story. It makes no sense given the variety in and costs of US universities in comparison to going to university in Australia just to study e... Read More »

I'd like to study in Australia (bachelors), but where should I go Melbourne or Adelaide?

Adelaide's cheaper. Melbourne's more fun. Melbourne weather is pretty erratic. Both cities have very hot days in summer, and very cold days in winter.