Want to stretch my ear lobe but need advice..!!?

Answer Men with stretched-ears invariably look gay, or it suggests some deeply-twisted sado-masochistic trait.Women with stretched-ears look, to my eyes, something to cause me to cringe, scream, vomit and... Read More »

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How to Stretch an Ear Lobe Piercing?

Stretched lobesEar lobe stretching is something that not only makes your ears bigger to accommodate big jewelry, it is also a meaningful journey with your ears. You can see how far your skin can st... Read More »

One ear wont stretch up,advice?

You're stretching too quickly, that's why one ear is resisting. Damaged tissue stretches easier than healthy tissue, if you've been stretching to quickly this whole time that would explain why your... Read More »

How do I stretch a shirt to as big as it can possibly stretch to without ripping?

Sit down with the shirt on and tuck your knees into the shirt too. Then push out with your knees and stay like that for a minute or two. Then put it on backwards and do the same.

Cable Stretch Vs. Chain Stretch?

Cables and chains are used to hold loads, like elevators. Both also connect components on bikes, like brakes and gears. Cables and chains can stretch until they break. Cables also can be used as el... Read More »