Want to stretch my ear lobe but need advice..!!?

Answer Men with stretched-ears invariably look gay, or it suggests some deeply-twisted sado-masochistic trait.Women with stretched-ears look, to my eyes, something to cause me to cringe, scream, vomit and... Read More »

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I want to redecorate my room, but I need ideas. I want something new and different. Any advice?

Wow, very nice blend of themes. You've probably got your work cut out for you, but I believe you could pull it off.1. Without a doubt you'll need books. Something to show off your collection, at le... Read More »

How to Stretch an Ear Lobe Piercing?

Stretched lobesEar lobe stretching is something that not only makes your ears bigger to accommodate big jewelry, it is also a meaningful journey with your ears. You can see how far your skin can st... Read More »

I want to get a brazilian wax..BUT I NEED SOME ADVICE FIRST!?

it sounds like this is your first time... well it's as simple as this, just tell the lady what you want taken off, even if its everything she can still wax off all the hair down there!! that includ... Read More »

Nursing question! I don't want my jewelry to rust! Need advice!?

I really hope you're not planning on taking them out! I wish I had thought of that when my baby wouldn't latch. Had I had a piercing, perhaps she would have been "held on" by the stud. Hmmm...thank... Read More »