Want to remove some unnecessary progams from my computer, but they don't come up in the add/remove programs?

Answer here is a how to of the tough to remove programs on the link below…

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How do i remove unnecessary programs?

Removal Sequence for Windows Vista and Windows 7Power on your computer. Click "Start" to open the menu, and scroll to and click "Control Panel." Double-click "Programs and Features."Scroll through ... Read More »

If i delete programs on my computer that i dont need, will this give me more RAM?

RAM is random access memory. it is used for applications that are currently open by loading it into the RAM. RAM is much faster than the hard drive, but the problem with having your entire computer... Read More »

How do I remove unnecessary files?

Open Disk CleanupOpen Disk Cleanup. Disk Cleanup is a Windows program that will delete temporary and unnecessary computer files, subsequently freeing computer space and memory. Click on the "Start"... Read More »

How to remove programs from my Computer?

CCleaner - it's a really good and free program.