Want to know the correct date of delivery?

Answer Bodies aren't clockworks, so don't hold your breath. It can easily be a week either way, particularly for a first child.

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Hiya , i just want to know if the laptop i'm buying is actually any good and up to date?

yes, except it won't be very good for playing games because of the integrated video card.Also I don't know why a laptop with those specs would have vista home basic. So that's kind of odd - even mo... Read More »

You are a girl and you love a person. You want to let him know your feelings but you dont want to get rejected.which is the best way to let him know?

You shouldn't be scared to face to face with him. Just tell him how you feel. If he rejects you then move on. There's other guys out there for you. You should always have a back up. You just need t... Read More »

Can i pick up a ups package before a scheduled delivery date?

UPS provides a service called Delivery Intercept for customers with UPS shipping accounts. Customers expecting a package can contact the shipper and have them request a Will Call at any time after ... Read More »

Will FedEx deliver to my house in glennville ga when the estimated delivery date is on a Sunday?

How are any of us going to know that we are not fedex go track it and it will estimate the delivery