Want to kill my mom for taking my weed?

Answer You live at home and while you do, you have to obey her rules. She provides you with food and clothing, shelter, medical and transportation. In return, you act like a spoiled little whiny brat.Wh... Read More »

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Flying a week after taking weed?

The swab is normal and is only to test for the presence of explosive residue.

How weed killer can kill you?

It can kill you because it has chemicals in it that are poisonious to humans

How can I kill a pesky weed?

That rose is jinxed! You must chop it up, preferably with an axe, as soon as you can!! It's weedy ways are taking over Yahoo! Yikes! Don't give up hope yet Hala, with a little faith the weed will b... Read More »

How do I kill red clover weed?

Pull small clumps of clover out by hand or dig them up with a shovel. This is a good method if there are only a few plants or if you do not want to use herbicide.Spray red clover with MCPP or mecop... Read More »