Want to go into Childcare, but where do I start!?

Answer I live in the state of Texas and recently obtained my Early Childhood Development Degree you can take Early Childhood Development classes at your local community college. All the information you ... Read More »

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I want to start a preschool. where do I start?

Your first step should be to develop a business plan. There are likely organizations in your area where you can go for help with this. The next step would be to contact any licensing agents for whe... Read More »

I want to start working out. Is it possible to incorporate my spinny chair and keyboard into a routine?

You could just go 'round and 'round in your spinny chair until you get really dizzy and then vomit...That should eliminate a few misspent calories..

I want to know what do you need to be a childcare provider at my house!?

People who watch children in their home, as a business, are usually called family child care providers. Whether you need to be licensed, certified or maybe no regulations at all will depend on what... Read More »

Wanting to know if the new Nikon 1 is a good camera to start off doing a portfolio i want to get into photogra?

I suggest reading these articles before making any buying decision.… my opinion the only mirror-less cameras worth consid... Read More »