Want to get back in shape! help me out?

Answer Assuming you're still in school i recommend going out for all the teams you can, it's the easiest way for you to get as much exercise in a day as you can. Along with a diet of course. However if yo... Read More »

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I accidentaly deleted an icon on my desktop and i want it back!! HELP!?

Did you check My Computer or My Documents? Sometimes can retrieve there. You didn't say what system you have. Did you delete to Recycle Bin? Might still be there also. Check History also.

Im going to Switzerland and i want to buy a sim card to call back homePLZ HELP!?

Well I'd personally recommend Swisscom. They do really great deals for prepaid cards, and reps usually speak english. Orange mobile is pretty good too, so I've heard.

Help! I want German back in my school but I don't know fund it!?

With the cut backs nation wide it is going to be very difficult. HOWEVER, if the teacher who taught it is still there, you might approach him/her about an afterschool club next year. Could be a w... Read More »

My tool bar mysteriously moved vertical, to the right side of my screen.. i want it back at the bottom. help!?

Close all windows and return to Desktop. Right click on a clear space in your toolbar, hold it down and drag your toolbar back to where you want it. Simple.