Want to find boyfreinds hidden computer files?

Answer Give him a break, he obviously doesn't want you to see whatever it is, you don't need to assume the worst of him maybe it's something he's embarrassed about. So respect his privacy like he must do ... Read More »

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How to Find Hidden Internet Files & Pictures?

Internet Explorer keeps a track of your Internet activities and saves certain files and pictures in your computer's temporary Internet files folder. This is meant to speed up the loading time of we... Read More »

How to Find Hidden or Locked Files in a Directory?

There are ways in which you can hide a file; like either using DOS commands or using 3rd party softwares. This article deals with just confirming that a hidden file does exist. It just goes to show... Read More »

How to Find Hidden Files and Folders in Windows?

f you want to see all the hidden files/folders on your computers, here's how.

How to Find Email Passwords From Hidden Files?

Unless you are a computer hacker, hidden files usually remain hidden from view. This means that if there are e-mail passwords stored in hidden files, you won't be able to see them. This can be frus... Read More »