Want to dye my hair purple?

Answer Depends what your hair colour is. If its anything darker then medium blonde you have to bleach. Plus I would bleach it anyway if its medium. My purple dye faded into my medium blonde coloured hair ... Read More »

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How to Streak Hair Using Purple Color Jamz Hair Dye?

Beyond the Zone hair products began production in the mid-1990s. Its semi-permanent hair color line, Color Jamz, has 12 colors. The bright colors featured in the semi-permanent hair color line are ... Read More »

Does purple hair dye work on orange hair?

yeah it does :D i done it to my friends hair xxxxxx

Purple hair, yes or no?

It looks awesome!!! Very cute and trendy! Do it! But maybe have the stylist dye a tiny bit under your hair so you can see what it would look like on you! But otherwise, go for it, it'd look cute!!!

Purple Hair?

I'm a big fan of unnatural colored hair, so I think purple hair would look pretty cool. Especially if the rest of your hair was light blonde. Good luck. :)