Want to change photo avatar but more than 5 MB?

Answer I use photo shop to reduce my file size, sometimes when I end them through yahoo mail it does it automatically so you could try sending some to yourself and see what happens.If all else fails send ... Read More »

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HOW do I change my avatar to an actual photo?

Go to your home page and click on my 360 profile. Then click on my page. After that click on edit personal photos and download your photos. They give you help in downloading your photos. You can pu... Read More »

I can't accept the fact that there are girls more beautiful than me,( plz don't be harsh, I do want 2 change)?

I'm sure everyone has those feelings. Even I do. Sounds like to me that if it's bothering you that much, you need to gain some self-esteem. You are fine just the way you are. You'll get a bit older... Read More »

Does matte photo paper require more ink than glossy photo paper?

Glossy photo paper actually uses slightly more ink than matte alternatives, according to Epson. Matte photo paper itself includes multiple varieties that consume ink at different rates. Some printe... Read More »

Can I scan more than one photo?

You need to scan four then cut them apart into 4 seperate photo's and save them serperatly.